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ABC Response & Cleanup
200 Earl Jordan Lane
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Emergency Response & Hazardous Substance Cleanup


Socks are manufactured with a highly absorbent fill material covered with a strong polyester sleeve. Placed around a spill, socks are used to stop the spread of the spill. Available in oil only, universal and aggressive liquids these socks are 3"x 4' long.


Absorbent pads are designed and manufactured for several applications. Pads are available in three categories: 1. Oil only pads will not soak up water or any water-based liquids 2. General purpose pads--good for all types of liquid including oils, chemicals, and any water-based materials. 3. Chemical pads--specially designed for hazardous spills such as acids and other aggressive liquids.


Booms are available in 5" and 8" diameters and come in 10 foot or 20 foot lengths. Booms can be snapped together for use on water, or when extra length is needed. They are also material-specific and are used to stop and absorb large spills.